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By nimtim, Jan 7 2020 05:29PM

Now Christmas is over it’s time to start thinking about the New Year. We are running our popular Design Surgery on Saturday 1st February for any projects you are starting to think about in 2020. The 45mins consultations will offer advice and inspiration and will be held at our studio in East Dulwich. We will be happy to discuss any aspect of a building project at any scale or any stage. Email for more details and be quick as we only have limited spaces available.

By nimtim, Nov 28 2019 10:44AM

We have been hard at work designing, experimenting, building and sometimes breaking our creation for this year's Gingerbread City which will be on show at Somerset House from Saturday 7th December. 'Watermelon Peaks' will be a beacon to the city as well as being a destination for entertainment. It will be a place to interact in a number of indoor and outdoor social activities such as dancing, skiing, climbing and cycling. Twinkly cavernous interiors create monumental spaces for getting your gingerbread groove on. Triangular green roofscapes become a mode of transport for the active gingerbread person. Dropping in for a drink or dinner has never been so easy.

By nimtim, Oct 31 2019 05:14PM

nimtim have been working on a number of projects recently that need to balance the requirements of different generations as families choose to live together for a variety of social and economic reasons. It is a growing trend and research suggests it is here to stay. This is a link to a piece that Tim has written looking at the subject. It features nimtim examples and looks at the subject from various points of view.