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By nimtim, May 20 2020 10:14AM

The way we work has changed dramatically - in the short-term but possibly forever. Whether in the home, in the office, shops, cafes, restaurants etc everyone is having to reassess how they carry out their work and collaborate/ share with others. We’ve been thinking about this a lot and keen to work with individuals and businesses to help them find the best solutions for this new world.

We are offering hour-long consultations on workspaces to help people with space planning, distancing and safeguarding measures or even just a bit of inspiration to help us work better in the short and long term. First 5 will be free while we test things out then we’ll charge them at cost. Email if interested.

By nimtim, Mar 26 2020 11:57AM

It’s during times like these that it’s so important to hear kind words, especially from clients about our work:

‘As we move into crazy unprecedented times, indoors rather than out and about in the spring sun, we keep catching ourselves...How incredibly lucky are we to be IN our home, got there just in time, in a space that is beautiful and efficient. The kids in separate rooms, giving them the headspace and privacy they'll so desperately need over the next months. Another huge thank you to you guys who made it happen. Really. Thank you. Again and again.’ .

By nimtim, Mar 24 2020 12:50PM

During these crazy times it may be difficult to start doing work to your home. Another one of our tips for working from home is to think about spaces differently. Most of our clients look for a sense of open-ness and connection between the spaces in their homes. Can one space be flexible and potentially used for multiple activities at different times in the day/ week? Can you create more definition and articulation of the different functions within a single space? We find sitting down and having a chat with all the family can be incredibly helpful to work out how the space can work for everyone. Here’s some photos of our Pitch Perfect project where we converted the existing kitchen at the front of the house into a flexible space; potentially a kids snug/guest bedroom/home office.

Coming soon - we are looking at ways we can offer help and advice to those of you that need it remotely. Watch this space!