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Walled Garden




Our third project on identical houses on this street in Forest Hill. The owners approached us with a need to radically alter the internal arrangement of their house to allow them to continue living in the area with their rapidly growing children.


We proposed moving the current living space from 1st to ground floor to create a single combined kitchen and dining space. Two independent living spaces were created allowing the family to pursue independent activities - playing music, working from home, painting whilst still having a shared area that could accommodate a vibrant family life.


The family space overlooks an intimate walled garden and large, minimally-framed siding glass doors further emphasise this connection. Rich, earthy tones of red brick and terracotta run from outside to in providing a seamless connection between house and garden.  Bespoke glazed tiles, s0me of which were made by the family with a ceramic designer, are dotted throughout - placed according to need but also enlivening the composition of other materials.  


We worked closely with our sister company nimtim landscapes to select plants that could thrive in a shady, north facing garden and that could provide year-round interest and colour.

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