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We use games and non-verbal prompts to create an informal environment free of professional jargon to prompt a conversation about how people live and to reveal the unique challenges they face

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Putting people at the centre of the process creates stronger communities, better and more sustainable developments and helps engage all stakeholders.


We make special efforts to understand how our clients work/ live/ play and how they would like this to change in the future. We use tools and discussion to investigate how existing spaces are used and how activities/ uses might interact and overlap (or not) in any future proposal. This process helps us understand how best to respond when this starts to turn into architecture.


This briefing process also brings clients and stakeholders inside the design process - empowering them to understand the challenges and issues that will need to be resolved. It helps set a tone of collaboration and c0-creation for the rest of the project.


From this emerges buildings and spaces full of playfulness and spirit - celebrating uniqueness and difference and resonating with the people that live/work/play in them.


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