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We make architecture that is a celebration of colour, material and personality

We make architecture that is a celebration of colour, material and personality


We make projects that are  a reflections of the people who live/ work/ play in them.


By placing emphasis on the briefing and engagement process - through analysis, play and discussion - we build a shared vision of what each project could and should be. We then foster a culture of collaboration and dialogue at each stage of the process where everyone involved is encouraged to contribute towards the outcome.


Working across scales and sectors - our approach has helped clients create value from different sites, resolve organisational challenges or simply maximise the enjoyment of their homes.


Alongside this, we bring a sense of playfulness and adventure to everything we do - not just the architecture but also how we try to understand the clients and the site and how we collaborate and work with consultants and makers.

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We make special efforts to understand how our clients work/ live/ play and how they would like this to change in the future. We use tools and discussion to investigate how existing spaces are used and how activities/ uses might interact and overlap (or not) in any future proposal. This process helps us understand how best to respond when this starts to turn into architecture.


This briefing process also brings clients and stakeholders inside the design process - empowering them to understand the challenges and issues that will need to be resolved. It helps set a tone of collaboration and and c0-creation for the rest of the project.


Every project is unique and our response is as unique for each. Having established a shared vision at the outset, every member of the team is empowered to contribute at each stage. We seek to inspire, challenge, delight and by inviting clients and users to feel ownership of these ides, they become bolder and more ambitious in terms of what the project can be.


We invest in knowledge and research for each project to ensure a deep understanding of that context. We also invest in research and knowledge within the practice in general to build on knowledge from individual projects and to develop new specialisms and areas of expertise that can benefit our clients and create new opportunities for the practice.

Co-creation & research

We are particularly interested in how different uses can be overlapped and integrated in the city. We think this can create more sustainable, safer, friendlier places to live. We have begun a long-term research project that looks at how this might be implemented at different scales. It has manifested itself as several research projects like Pantin - City of Makers and The Make-District.


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