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Hobby House

Form very much follows function from this unusual brief for nimtim. The client wanted an extension to the rear of their double fronted victorian house that would be multifunctional and as such able to accommodate  a moon board climbing wall, act as a calm yoga space and in the future a play space. The logistics were not simple and a creative solution had to be found to create a form that would function, firstly, but also be a considered vision aesthetically.


nimtim proposed an angled rear extension to respond to the existing geometry of the garden. This has the added benefit of reducing the overall bulk of the rear extension creating a sensitive addition in relation to the site and the original house.


A changing roof-scape is introduced to ratify all the requirements of the interior space - not only in terms of shape and form, but the desire for


more natural light from roof lights. Externally it is disguised behind a consistent parapet, meaning that whilst the internal form is dramatic and lively, the external form appears consistent and similar.


The angled wall has two openings, simple and consistent in height and proportions creating a direct connection between the new space and the garden. In contrast at the rear the window reflects the higher internal ceiling height, subtly projecting into the garden to create a playful window seat that looks out onto the retained blossom tree.


Clad in dark vertical timber, it relates to the interior design themes of the existing house as well as distinguishing it as a clear, contemporary addition.

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