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Community A-Lotta-Mints




A communal growing space for the city with a com-mint-ment to fostering interaction, collaboration and exchange between the citizens of the Gingerbread City.


Focused around a shared market hall/ glass-house/ community hub that will act as growing space, meeting space, trading space for the alot-mint owners. The space also provides a link between the movement corridor and public landscapes bringing citizens close to the spaces where their food is grown. Allotment owners are encouraged to use ex-spearmint-al approaches to organic and sustainable farming.


The Gingerbread City is an annual exhibition where architects, designers and engineers create an entire city made of gingerbread. Created by the Museum of Architecture, the aim of the exhibition is to connect the public with architecture through an innovative display designed for the holiday season. 2018 was the third edition of the Gingerbread City and was hosted by the V&A museum in the Creative Studio space with the theme 'Imagining the Future City'.



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