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Briars Cross




A grand but tired detached arts and crafts house from 1890. The client approached us eager to restore and enhance what is already there while creating a contemporary extension that references the original building as well as the clients family life. nimtim proposed a dramatic rethink of the ground floor living space while creating a new rear addition reflective of the features and scale of the existing house but distinctive in its use of materials.


Rooms have a circular flow from one another and can be used together or closed off to create more private and cosy areas. A new boot room and pantry is created along with an exterior (sheltered) covered potting area and cottage garden. The kitchen is moved to the south of the house and a fully glazed angled extension creates a family dining area. This glazed corner is an interpretation of the bay window in the library and emphasises the principle that all elevations of the existing house are of equal importance. Facing directly south on one side it maximises views to the substantial gardens.

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