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This family house sits within the Old Lake Lane Conservation Area and while loved by our clients it is simply too small for their family life in its current form. The front of the house fronts directly on to the pavement while at the rear a semi private lane allows access and is a key feature of the conservation area. The lane is jointly owned by the adjacent houses and is used for playing, gardening and storage. The street is often used for filming as it is one of the few remaining examples of purpose-built cottages for railway/industrial worker accommodation.


Rather than impeding on the ad-hoc character of the laneway, nimtim decided to allow the qualities of the laneway to enter into the rear


garden, creating a casual outdoor room lined with brick. The 3 existing rooms at ground floor were reconfigured, adopting the strategy of compression and release to create compressed thresholds between each room. These thresholds work hard to contain services and storage, allowing the larger rooms to remain simple, bright and flexible. The first floor has been reconfigured to include a bathroom and two spacious bedrooms, and the existing unused loft space is split into two unique kids’ bedrooms accessed via a central loft stair.

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3 Room Terrace

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